Referendum is our last hope
to fishing companies of the Far East

Repeated appeals concerning “fish auctions” to various high instances of Russia remain ignored by the government that pursues its policy determining future of the largest fishing region of the country without taking interests of people of the Far East into consideration.
If this policy is realized, Russia may lose the fish industry, while fishing regions of the Far East — jobs and taxes.
All methods of influence upon the position of the government seem have been exhausted: appeals of the Federation Council, chiefs of regional administrations, Association of Fishermen, Fishermen’s Unions…
Each of these appeals was supported by natural or juridical persons, or a group of such persons, but not by the inhabitants of a single region (province or an okrug) as a subject of the Russian Federation, which is entitled according to the Constitution to DEAL TOGETHER with the Federation with issues on extraction of natural resources in the continental shelf and in Russia’s EEZ.
Therefore the final – and most effective — means to influence on the Russian government is to hold a referendum on conservation of the fish industry in every Federation subject of the Far East providing an opportunity to every fishing region to vote unanimously or in majority “FOR” — fish auctions, “AGAINST” — decay in fish industry, “FOR” — recovering of quotas to the regions, “FOR” — their transparent redistribution in the provinces”.
Referendum of a Federation subject is the highest institution of the people’s rule, which decision must be implemented by the Russian government.
We don’t know another way that can virtually influence on the opinion of the Russian government and its policy that may result in collapse of the fish industry — all means have been exhausted.
We ask you to express your opinion, doubts and precatory words on this matter.
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