State and Fishing Industry:

№ 7

“Appeal to President” — public letter of the representatives of Primorye Fishermen Association to president of Russia Vladimir Putin. The letter summarizes the most ongoing matters and problems of this industry, the solution of which affects our future.
“Not Fishermen — “in Law”, but Law — for Fishermen” — interview of Sergey Saktaganov (Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk) with president of the Far-Eastern Fishermen Association Vladimir Gorshechnikov about working out an alternative Law “About fisheries and protection of water biological resources”, which has not been passed yet.

№ 8

“Has Kamchatka Future” — sad reflections regards the idea of development of Kamchatka fishing industry, sugested by director of the Kamchatka Institute of Environment and Ecology Robert Moiseev.

№ 9

“We Need Laws!” Governor of Sakhalin Igor Farkhutdinov writes in his appeal to the chairman of Goskomrybolovstvo Yury Sinelnik — the governor of Sakhalin raises the whole complex of fishery problems, Goskomrybolovstvo does not care of.

№ 10

“Vice-governor of Kamchatka Sergey Timoshenko: One Fisherman of Kamchatka Gives Work to Eleven Citizens of Peninsula” — the interview about the problems of Kamchatka fishing industry, the main and only industry of the peninsula, break-up of which may cause a catastrophe for hundred thousands citizens of Kamchatka region.

№ 11

“Valentina Bronevich, Governor of Koryak Autonomous Area: No Matter How Hard It Might Be, I Am Sure In Future of My Land and My People” — the interview about the problems of surviving of Koryak villages owing to fish, caught on the Koryak shelf.
“Appeal of Council of Association of Fishermen of Far East (AFFE) to Associations, Councils, Societies of Russian Fishermen” — about the negative points of law “About fishing and protection of water biological resources” discussed in the State Duma.
“Wake Up, Trade Union!” — publication of “Zavtra” (“Tomorrow”) (Moscow) about inadmissibility of passing a new law about labour by the State Duma.

№ 12

“Disproportional Export” — an interview with president of VARPE Kamentsev about the problems of export of fish products from Russia and the role of All-Russian Association of Fishing Companies and Exporters (VARPE) in this activity.

№ 14

President Putin for Fishing Priority of Kamchatka and Koryak area” — the broadened information concerning visit of President Putin to Kamchatka and his opinion about the problems of fishing industry of the peninsula.
“Yury Sinelnik: I Treat Contradictions in Philosophic Way: They Must Become Source of Regional and Industrial Development” — interview with chairman of Goskomrybolovstvo in “Fishery of Russia” magazine.
“Far-Eastern Fishermen and Law of Fishing” — about the contradictions in the Law of Fishing, which is discussed in the State Duma.
“Strategy of Development of Fishing Complex of Russia” — the article of academician of the International academy of information, a director of VNIERH Ya. Azimova in “Fishing Industry” magazine.

№ 15

“Barin Comes, Barin Settles Our Dispute… ” — problems of the industry from the point of view of the first person of the state, based on conclusions made by assistants and councillors of the president.
“What They Want from Fishing Industry” — interview with chairman of Sakhalinrybakkolkhozsoyuz board E. Yarygin about the problems of survival of fishing artels.
“Only One I Appear on Road… ” — interview with deputy of the State Duma Valery Dorogin about state treatment of the fishing problems of the Far-East of Russia.

№ 16

“Putin Gives Kurils Back to Japan” — publication of “Vladivostok” about Southern Kurilsí problem.
“Spitak”: Two Versions of Incident” — to the question of “triangle of Shevardnadze” in the Bering sea and two opposite points of view — Russia and America — in this question.

№ 17

“Russian Economic Zone Is For Russians!” — appeal of fishermen of the Far-East to the Russian president regards the actions of the American coast guard on the border of economic zones of the USA and Russia in the Bering sea.
“Saury Is Out” — about the problems of Russian-Korean joint fishing along Southern Kurils.

№ 18

“Kurilsí Issue Yesterday and Today. Old Legacy and Ways to Solve It” — analytical article prepared for “TV” by vice-chairman of the Coordinating council of Russian fishermen, academician of MANEB Vyacheslav Zilanov and vice-chairman of the Committee of Russian territorial integrity protection, expert of the State Duma Committee in energy, transport and communication, candidate of historical sciences Aleksey Plotnikov about the problems of the Southern Kurils Isles.

№ 19

“War for Resources” — “There is no state policy in fishing in the Far-East of Russia. There is no such a company in the Far-East which will be sure in its nearest future”.
“Branch of Permanent Reforming” — the analysis of fishing industry on pages of “Far East” magazine.

№ 20

“Itís Impossible to Steal More Than You Can Catch” — says one of famous Sakhalin fishermen V. Burkov: “One of the sources of corruption is the procedure of quotasí distribution… ”

№ 21

“Deputies: Budget-2001 Can Not Meet Requirements of Water Bioresources Protection” — about the lack in the budget of fishing industry such an article as “capital building”.

№ 22

“Public Letter of Governor of Primorye Eugeny Nazdratenko to Chairman of Russian Government Mikhail Kasyanov” regards fee for the right to fish which is ruinous for fishing industry of Russia.
“About Quotas, Salmon and New Government Intrigues” — about misunderstanding the role of fishing industry in the system of safeguarding of food security by the Russian government.

№ 23

“Confiscation — exclusive right of court” — about the practice of using departmental normative documents of the confiscation of catches by fishing control service from the point of view of state control bodies.
“Could General Put Screws on Fish” — publication of “Tikhookeanskaya zvezda” regards introduction of fee for the resources and the position of Goskomrybolovstvo and the representative of the president in the Far-Eastern Federal Okrug in this connection.

№ 24

“Appeal to Your Conscience and Mind” — public letter of the Far-Eastern fishermen to the president and government of Russia about the condition of Far-Eastern fishing industry and those negative consequences which will be connected with the introduction of fee for the resources and quotas sold in water by auctions.

№ 25

“Extraordinary Conference of Fishermen of Far-East” — “Make a protest against state policy deliberately aimed to economic blockade of Russian fisheries complex, fishermen of the Far-Eastern region, presented seven regions of Russian Federation, warn state officials of this fatal course being continued… ” (from the resolution of the extraordinary conference).
“Itís a Pity There Is No Fisherman in Duma” — report of general director of “Dalíryba” Yury Moskaltsov made on the extraordinary conference of fish manufactures of the Far-East.