Sea of Discord — The Bering Sea:

№ 16

What Happens, When We Fish Out Last Fish, Or Commence of Russian-American Dialogue About Conservation of Bering Sea Resources. — interview of David Gordon, director of programs, Pacific Environment and Resources Center (USA) and Sergey Vakhrin, president of the Charitable Public Fund for protection the bioresources of the Northern Pacific (Russia) about the problems of the Bering sea and the necessity to hold Russian-American Public Conference in the Problems of Conserving the Bering Sea.

№ 17

“Political Intrigues around the Bering Sea “Donut Hole”or How Many Vessels We Need to Fish All Fish”
“Silence Means Death”; “Chronicle of Robbery” — commence of Russian-American public conference in the Bering sea problems on pages of “Tikhookeansky vestnik”.

№ 18

“Sea of Discord” — the analytical article about the reasons of Russian-American discord in the Bering sea and search the ways and possibilities for a dialogue.

№ 19

“View of Western Ecologists to Problems of the Bering Sea” — continuation of the Russian-American Public Conference in the Bering Sea Problems.

№ 24

“Global Region” — materials of WWF concerning the problems of conserving the Bering sea biodiversity.

№ 25

“Sharing in the Northern Pacific Region” — Tero Mustonen (Finland) reasons about the problems of conserving bioresources of the Bering sea.