Expansion of Primorye and Moscow fishing oligarchs:

№ 1

“Fishing Resources — to Regions, Taxes — to Local Budget” — information about the collective letter of governors of Khabarovsk, Kamchatka and Sakhalin regions to prime-minister of Russia Mikhail Kasyanov about the encroachments on the fishing quotas of governor of Primorsky region Eugeny Nazdratenko.
“Governor of Primorye and Dal知oreproduct Holding Company Declare War to Far-Eastern Fishing Regions” — information selection about the encroachments of the governor of Primorye and the chief fishing oligarch of the Far East on fishing resources of the rest Far-Eastern fishing regions.
Dal知oreproduct: Traitor of Russian Interests in Nothern Pacific: “DMP Opened Doors Wide” — article of E. Itarov (“Golden Horn”, Vladivostok) about how Dal知oreproduct Holding Company gave a way to Greek multimillionaire Laskaridis to the Russian economic zone;
“Our Flag Became “Convinient” — publication of “Novie Izvestia” (Moscow) about how Dal知oreproduct Holding Company misappopriated the trawlers, which in fact belonged to Laskaridis.

№ 2

“Resource War in Two Fronts, or When There is No Accord Among Friends…” — a public letter to the president of the fishing company “UTRF” (Kamchatka) about the necessity to unite the efforts of fishermen of the Far East against the expansion of Primorye fishing oligarchs;
“Mister Didenko Has Been Offended” — public inquiry of the Charitable Public Fund of Conserving the Bioresources of the Northern Pacific addressed to the fisheries committees and departments of the Far East and fishing companies about the expansion of foreign large-capacity fleet and Russian supertrawlers, the “American Monarch” included, answer of president of Dal知oreproduct Holding Company Yury Didenko and our commentary.

№ 3

“He who Pays Dances with Girl...” — a public letter of president of Primorye Fishing Companies Association Andrey Platonov to “Tikhookeansky vestnik” regards a resource war in the Far-Eastern seas and the “TV” commentary — we fight not with fishermen of Primorye, but with Primorye fishing oligarchs like Yury Didenko, president of Dal知oreproduct Holding Company.
Mister Didenko thinks, “Tikhookeansky vestnik” is bought by Super Ltd. (They Throw Sand in Primorye Fishermen痴 Propellers) — article of Oleg Klimenko (“Golden Horn”, Vladivostok) — according to order of The State Committee of Fisheries from February, 1, 2000 the fishery of Spanish-built supertrawlers is forbidden. The President of Dal知oreproduct Holding Company gives his comments on The State Committee of Fisheries actions...
“Kamchatka Fishermen Speak” — Articles of general directors of fishing companies “Okeanrybflot” Valery Topchiy and “Kamchatrybprom” Vladimir Potapenko regards foreign fleet expansion and expansion of “Dal知oreproduct-Trawlers” fleet;
“Regional Princes Became Stupid” — article of “Vladivostok”, Governor of Primorye newspaper, regards the Far-Eastern governors appeal to the vice-premier about illegal encroachments of the Governor of Primorye and Primorye fishing oligarchs on the fishing quotas and their distribution according to the new rules of Primorye.

№ 4

“Supertrawlers are permitted to fish. For a how long?” — news of “Golden Horn” (Primorye) regards that “Dal知oreproduct-Trawlers” got the license for fishery in the Sea of Okhotsk to 14 Spanish-built supertrawlers without paying its budget debts.
“Change Your Mind, It Isn稚 Late Yet” — publication of a regional fishing newspaper “Rybak Primorya” (“Fisherman of Primorye”), supporting the ambitions of fishing oligarchs concerning the distribution of the Far-Eastern fishing resources with obvious priority of Primorye.

№ 5

“Opposition Blames Governor of Primorye Nazdratenko and His Assistants in Breakdown of Primorye Fishing Industry” — as the opponents inform, on his conscience Eugeny Nazdratenko has the bancruptcy of Vladivostok base of trawl and refrigerate fleet, the biggest in Soviet Union (which even in 1996 had the highest catches in Russia), the breakdown of “Primorrybprom”, “Yuzhmorrybflot”, “Vostoktransflot”…

№ 6

“Risovany painted sad picture” — a manager of fishing branch is indignant with the distribution of quotas for the fishing regions of the Far-East, especially to the Koryak and Chukotka Autonomous Areas.

№ 7

“TV-archive”. “1994 AD: Great Claims of Great Russian Statesman Eugeny Nazdratenko — Northern Territories Must Belong to Primorye” — historical survey of publications of “Rabochaya Tribune” (Moscow), “Commersant — Daily” (Moscow), “Gubernskie vedomosti” (Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk) concerning the appeal of Governor of Primorye Nazdratenko to the management of Sakhalinsky region regards the transmission of the Kuril Isles under the jurisdiction of Primorye and estimation of this matter by Sakhalin managers and mass media.

№ 8

“Voice of Crying Yury Vasiliev or Who and How Defends Honour of “Dal知oreproduct” — some questions we asked to one reporter from “Rybak Primorya” concerning “Dal知oreproduct”, which he is not still able to answer.

№ 9

“Informational “myth”, or There is No Smoke without Fire” — about the proposal made supposedly by “Dal知oreproduct” about the creation of one supercompany which all the biggest companies of the Far East will join and our commentary.
“Our Patriot Runs Further When does He Stop?” — “Arsen弾vskie vesti” about Fraud Didenko-Nazdratenko regards 11 Spanish-built supertrawlers of “Dal知oreproduct -Trawlers”.

№ 10

“How Yury Grigoryevich quarelled with Victor Ivanovich” — pre-history and history of love and hate of ex-mayor of Vladivostok Victor Cherepkov and president of Dal知oreproduct Holding Company Yury Didenko, or how Dal知oreproduct was not hardly “brought to the hammer”.

№ 13

“White Negroes” and “Slaves of XX century” — publication of “Nezavisimaya gazeta” about true capitalist treatment to the fishermen in Dal知oreproduct by the shores of distant Angola.

№ 18

“Dal知oreproduct: Regions Offend Us” — the commentary to Dal知oreproduct痴 appeal that fishing companies of the Far-Eastern regions ignore this company.

№ 21

“Fishermen of Dal知oreproduct痴 Floating Fish-Factory Demand to Sell Vessel to Get Salary Debts” — the news from ITAR-TASS about how Dal知oreproduct left its fishermen in Namibia.
“Chronic Patriotizm in Acute Condition” — publication of “Arsenyevskie vesti” about the role of governor of Primorye Eugeny Nazdratenko in the tragedy of “Vostoktransflot”.