If Keep within Law:

№ 1

“Confiscation — Exclusive Right of Court” — the analysis of causes why Russian fishing control structures (the Federal frontier guard service, the Ministry of natural resources, Goskomrybolovstvo) are interested so much in confiscation of fish, caught illegally, while according to the Russian legislation the confiscation is only possible after the court verdict.

№ 2

“Russian Fisherman has Priority in Russia” — a research of Russian legislation about the priority right of Russian fishermen in Russia to get fishing quotas and how The State Committee of Fisheries of Russia breaks these primordial rights.

№ 3

“Well-Grounded — Does Not Mean Legally” — a critical analysis of daily norms of catches, prescribed for the ships of different types by the State Committee of Fisheries of Russia in accordance with the appendix to order № 6 from 2000, January, 13 and the ships of Dalímoreproduct Holding Company as an example.

№ 5

“Blues Against Goskomrybolovstvo” — appeal of “Tikhookeansky vestnik” to the General Office of Public Prosecutor of Russian Federation regards Spanish-built supertrawlers given permission to fish in the Russian Economic Zone, that contradicts to the Russian laws concerning the priority right of Russian fishermen to harvest fishing resources of their own economic zone in contrast to ships of “Dalímoreproduct-Trawlers”, the owners of which are foreign juridical persons.

№ 6

“Who is Most Persistent Poacher Among Sakhalin Crabbers?” — the analysis of reasons, laws and technological subtleties of poaching on the example of one of Sakhalin poaching fishing companies.

№ 7

“Constitutionality of Primorye, or Ability to Direct Blinds to Posts” — the analytical material about actual distribution of quotas between the Far-Eastern regions of federation which illustrates that the Regional administration of Primorye lies and actual distribution for Primorye fishermen not even had not changed (proportionally) but had been raising from year to year. Besides, the administration of Primorye gave free quotas for foreign boats, i.e. actually robbed those Russian fishermen of the Far-East, who had the priority right for these fishing resources according to the Constitution.

№ 8

“Why Rear-Admiral Worries” — the article runs about the lawfulness of fishing guard to confiscate fish caught illegally. According to Russian legislation confiscation is a prerogative of court. In this case fishing guard loses financial stimulus in its work, because confiscation is the most profitable way of punishment. Every inspector has his own task in confiscation of certain quality of fish and seaproducts to be fairly well-to-do without depending on budget financial “injections”. That is why a rear-admiral worries so much. He has even called out our newspaper to a duel.

№ 9

“Goskomrybolovstvo Again Got into Mess” — the article about the problems of drift-net fishery in the open sea, which Japanese fishermen lead in the Russian economic zone, cause damage to both nature and Russia.

№ 10

“Fish Graveyards of Fishing-2000. To Be or Not to Be?” — coastal companies of Kamchatka during salmon fishing of 2000 failed to make big catches. Sea stationary seines, on the contrary, took a lot. What does such a strategy of Kamchatka administration and Kamchatrybvod may lead to? Or should we wait for fishing-2002 to answer this question?

№ 11

“Kamchatka Lost Money, or “poor” in Logic” — continuation of the talk about the confiscation of catches.

№ 12

“But Crab Has Its Claws Fan-Shaped” — Olga Novak (“Tikhookeanskaya zvezda”, Khabarovsk) writes about the export of Russian raw fish.

№ 13

“Matter of State Importance” — the analysis of criminal situation on Sakhalin from the point of view of legislative lawlessness in the fishing industry.

№ 14

“Rules without Play” — about the role of the regional administration and fishing council in the regulation of fishery during force majeur circumstances, how it was in 2000 during salmon fishing in Kamchatka.

№ 15

“Donít Be Afraid of Man with Fountain-pen” — about from what, how and why the prices on fishing resources appear and how officials in Moscow and in the regions manipulate the matters of payment for the resources.

№ 24

“In Light of Fight with Corruption” — the analysis of criminal situation in Fishing industry of Kamchatka made by public prosecutor of Kamchatka region A. Voitovich.