Fishing Mob:

№ 2

“Most Criminal Branch” — publication by V. Saníko in “Nezavisimaya gazeta” (“Independent Newspaper”) (Moscow) about the economic recession in fisheries on the background of industrial upsurge and the reason of this occurence. The reason is criminalisation of fisheries.

№ 3

“VBTRF: Hope for Arbitration Wisdom” — interview of A. Tomilina (“Vladivostok News”) with competitive manager K. Nabiev about fate of Vladivostok base of trawl and refrigerate fleet (VBTRF) that was declared a bankrupt. There are figures of damage, caused by former president of VBTRF N. Nikitenko and still causing by his son — president of Folkland Investments Ltd., where the main means and the best ships of VBTRF were passed to.

№ 4

“Way “Magellan” goes” — article of T. Orekhova in official newspaper of Primorye “Vladivostok News” about criminal activity of “Magellan” fishing company, the director general of which has clashed with the officials of Primorye.
“Kamchatka Protests”, “Fishermen of Primorye Ask for Freedom” — press of Kamchatka and Primorye about the fate of Kamchatka ships the “Saint Peter”, the “Saint Paul”, the “Elizovo” and the “Krutogorovo”, which were seized by the Japanese company “Shoio Suisan” (“Poseidon”, a company of Primorye, is behind it).
“Fall of “Vostoktransflot” — an analytical selection of information about the reasons of disorganization and the present days of “Vostokrybholodflot” fishing company, the ships of which were sold very cheap (from $1 to $100 per ship) not without help of officials.
“Public Prosecutor of Primorye brought into Pervomaysky district court appeal to recover damage on rate of 140 million 583 thousand 263 rubles 36 copecks from ex-president of “BTRF”” — official news of the official newspaper of Primorye “Vladivostok”.

№ 5

“We Put Primorye under Special Control” — an interview with Yury Sinelnik, chairman of The State Committee of Fisheries, given to reporter of “Golden Horn” Oleg Klimenko concerning the necessity of great changes in the fishing industry of the Primorsky region in connection with the sharp criminalization of the fishing industry.
“Symbols of Petropavlovsk under Arrest” — detective story of Yaroslav Otrok (Kamchatka) about how the fishing company of Primorye “Poseidon” destroyed fishing company of Kamchatka “Rybholodflot” and misappropriated the best ships which were arrested in Korea…

№ 6

“Symbols of Petropavlovsk Under Arrest” — answer of the president of “Poseidon” fishing company to the previous publication (№ 5), blaming his Kamchatka colleagues.

№ 8

“One Dollar Vessel” — publication of Tatyana Oshchepkova (Vladivostok News) runs about the way of sale of “Vostoktransflot” boats when they were one dollar a boat.
“Symbols of Petropavlovsk under Arrest” — continuation of the topic (№ 5,6) on pages of “Rybak Primorya”, that tells Kamchatka people had perspectives of cooperation with “Poseidon” fishing company, but they lost everything having begun pseudopatriotic war. And they were punished for that — having lost four best vessels.

№ 9

“Somebody Is Given Kick. Goskomrybolovsvo Intends to Take Fishing Industry of Primorye under Control” — as S. Petrov writes (“Izvestia”, Moscow) “fishing officials of Primorye do not long for catching of the quotas, but speculate and re-sell them, on the other hand there is poaching catch of seaproducts, without any quotas… ”

№ 10

“Shadows above VBTRF” — next change of power or redivision of undivided in the Vladivostok base of trawl and refrigerate fleet (VBTRF) based on the materials of “Vladivostok News”.
Our Most Important Eagle Spreads Wings” — appeal of speaker of the Council of Federation Egor Stroev to president of Russia Vladimir Putin about the creation of “fishing” Association of economic interaction of Central Chernozem region of Russia — “Chernozemye”, giving it fishing limits and together with “VBTRF” in the process of bankruptcy. Opinion of the Far-Eastern fishermen about it.

№ 12

“Secrets of Primorye” — the analysis of Primorye newspapers on the subject of break-up and bankruptcy of the biggest fishing companies of the country — “Vostoktransflot” and the Vladivostok base of trawl and refrigerate fleet (VBTRF) and what role played governor of Primorye Eugeny Nazdratenko in these processes.

№ 13

“VTF — Island of Wrecked Ships” — newspaper of Primorye “Arseníevskie vesti” tells about the fate of “Vostoktransflot”.

№ 19

“How Orthodox Church Began to Catch Shrimps” — a publication of “Novie Izvestia” regards the use of different possibilities to get quotas for fishing the most expensive resources by fishing mob.