Foreign Expansion:

№ 2

“Triangle of Shevardnadze” — analytical article prepared by “Vladivostok” newspaper about the reasons of appearance a controversial area of water in the Bering Sea and economic (juridical as well) consequences of existence of this controversial area for Russia and Russian fishermen.
“Southern Kurils” — article of Olga Novak (Khabarovsk) about the history of a territorial problem between Russia and Japan, political declarations of the both parts and economic consequences of any decision taken.

№ 3

“Fishing War in Southern Kurils” — publication of “Free Sakhalin” about how Russian fishermen put obstacles in the fishery of Japanese fishermen in the territorial waters of Russia.

№ 19

Stop Expansion of Foreign Fishermen” — statement of vice-governor of Primorye region A. Kuzich about if foreign fishing expansion in the Okhotsk and Bering seas continues, the volumes of fishing production of Primorye will curtail in 20-30%.

№ 22

“Goskomrtbolovstvo Answers to Us on Instructions of President of Russia” — the official answer of the government about halting of foreign fishery in the Sea of Okhotsk from 2001.

№ 23

“Kuril Isles and Russian Fishing Industry” — central television (ORT, “Odnako” program) about the possibility to transfer Southern Kurils to Japan.

№ 25

“Letís Save Integrity of Russia” — public letter of fishermen to president of Russia Vladimir Putin about inadmissibility to lose Southern Kurils.