How Goskomrybolovstvo of Russian Federation
Ruins Fishing Industry:

№ 4

“Fisherman Against Fisherman” — article of “Rybak Primorya” and commentary of “Tikhookeansky vestnik” regards the indignation of fishermen with order № 6 of Goskomrybolovstvo about the introduction of changes and additions to the Fisheries laws, failing to take into account the objective reality of fisheries.

№ 6

“How beautiful soap bubbles are, but they burst” — negative opinion of the former people’s deputy RSFSR about the level of preparation and understanding fishermen’s problems by the first managers of Russian fishing industry.

№ 7

“Fishing Minister” — material made to order by Kaliningrad reporter D. Nikolaev, pictured “socially realistic”, i.e. too beautiful, portrait of “very positive” chairman of Goskomrybolovstvo Y. Sinelnik.

№ 8

“Island of Scientific Vessels” — publication from “Vladivostok” about the fate of scientific fishing fleet of Russia.

№ 10

“Let’s Discuss” — order № 118 from 18.04.00 of Goskomrybolovstvo chairman Yury Sinelnik obliged Russian fishermen to join All-Russian Association of Fishing Companies and Exporters (VARPE), which heads ex-minister of fisheries of USSR Vladimir Kamentsev. The speech, of course, is not about the membership, but fee…

№ 11

“We Give Alarm: Japanese will Catch Ust-Kamchatka Bluebacked Salmon in Komandorsky Reserve” — Goskomrybolovstvo concluded a treaty with Japanese fishermen on drift-net fishery of bluebacked salmon in the zone of the Komandorsky State Reserve.
“Rich Fish-Soup of the Okhotsk Sea” — editor-in-chief of “Rybak Primorya” N. Bratchikov analyses the activity of Goskomrybolovstvo of Russia concerning the break-up of fishing industry.

№ 12

“Who cares of fisherman’s future?” — the complaint to “Tikhookeansky vestnik” about the discussion of order № 118 of Goskomrybolovstvo concerning the forced membership in VARPE (see № 10 of “TV”).
“Novaya Gazeta” (“New Newspaper”) against Yury Sinelnik” — sensational facts about the activity of Yury Sinelnik as chairman of Goskomrybolovstvo.
“Fish — to Japan, Damage — to Russia” — Greenpeace investigation of Japanese drift-net fishery.

№ 15

“Whom Does Fisherman’s Fate Depend on?” — opinion of the Association of fishing companies of Primorye of the activity of VARPE and order № 118 of Goskomrybolovstvo.
“Russian Fisherman May Change Captain” — article of R. Sagdiev (“Izvestia”) adout Sinelnik’s activity as chairman of Goskomrybolovstvo, his promises and actions.

№ 16

“Order Supporting Corruption” — the independent expert from Moscow writes about forced membership in VARPE.

№ 17

“I Want Us to Love Each Other More” — interview with the general director of fishing company “UTRF” (Kamchatka) about the problems of survival of fishing industry.

№ 20

“Fishing Industry of Russia Fell into Nets of Dark Economy. Who wanted that?” — “Rossiyskaya gazeta” asks the question and gives a detailed and partial answer.

№ 21

“Officials are Intolerant to Fishermen’s Opinion” — interview with president of the Far-Eastern Fishermen Association Vladimir Gorshechnikov regard real situation in the fishing industry and its headquarters — Goskomrybolovstvo.