Oil and Sea:

№ 3(28)

“Sakhalin-1, Sakhalin-2, Sakhalin… ” — an appeal of Institute of Marine Geology and Geophysics of Far-Eastern Department of Russian Academy of Sciences — scientists worry about the future of Sakhalin shelf.

№ 8(32)

“What Outweighs — Oil or Fish?” — oil outweighs on Sakhalin. About the reasons of this tells Natalya Barannikova, NGO “Sakhalin Environment Watch”.

№ 9(33)

“Gray Whales” — they fatten where Sakhalin oil is extracted today.
“Extracts from Analysis of Chamber of Account of Russia” — about “Sakhalin-1” and “Sakhalin-2” agreements.
“Oil Expansion” — shelf of the Sea of Okhotsk and the Bering sea became the sphere of oil interests of oligarchs, Russian government and governors of the Far-East.

№ 10(34)

“How Sakhalin Is Invested by the USA” — Sakhalin goes the second after Moscow in foreign investments. But is it for welfare of the region and Russia? (A. Chyorny, “Soviet Sakhalin”).
“Kamchatka: a Third Is Not Given” — “Rossiyskaya gazeta” writes that Kamchatka has no choice in oil project.

№ 17(42)

“Oil or Fish? Truth Is Out There” — Andrey Samatov, SakhNIRO scientist, tells about the influence of wastes of oil extraction on the shelf of north-east Sakhalin on environment.

№ 19(44)

“Oil or Fish? What Mr. Samatov Failed to Mention” — continuation (see №  18).

№ 25(50)

“Oil or Fish? This Call Like a Song for Us” — continuation of the topic of oil extraction on Sakhalin shelf. The author of the article — Andrey Samatov, candidate of biological science, SakhNIRO.
“Goskomrybolovstvo of RF Speaks in Support of Strict Ecological Control of Extractions on Russian Shelf” — material of Goskomrybolovstvo Board meeting, devoted to the problems of protection of fishing interests of Russia in view of oil & gas expansion.