Administrative Resources of the Regions:

№ 6(31)

“Getting a Tuft of Wool from a Mangy Sheep Is Better Than Nothing” — about decline of economy of one of the perspective fishing kolkhozes in Kamchatka - “Krasny Truzhenik”.
“We Can Survive Only Owing to Fish” — continuation of the topic of administrative resources of regions with head of Ust-Bolsheretsk administration Sergey Pridvorev.

№ 11(36)

“Discovering of America by Abramovich” — about coming to administrative power of Chukotka Autonomous Area a famous Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich.
“Mosquito” Fleet: Complex of Problems” — problems of development of Kamchatka shore.
“Appeal of Association of Kamchatka Fishermen to Chairman of Goskomrybolovstvo” — with a request to include to Fisheries Council of Kamchatka one professional fisherman — president of Association of Kamchatka Fishermen, ex-governor Vladimir Biryukov.

№ 12(37)

“Mosquito” Fleet: Complex of Problems” — problems of development of Kamchatka shore (continuation).

№ 13(38)

“There Must Be No Conflicts Among Fishermen and Fish Farmers…” — thinks deputy of Sakhalin Duma Vladimir Gorshechnikov.
“Mosquito” Fleet: Complex of Problems” — the author narrates about his first experience of sea fishing on a motor-boat.
“Kamchatrybvod Informs” — you can find in the material a detailed description of kinds of fishing, procedure of putting the permission and license for fishing in order.

№ 14(39)

“Fish Farmers of Sakhalin: We Want to Give Our View” — we continue to discuss a conflict among fishermen and fish farmers of Sakhalin region.

№ 15(40)

“Tribune of Public Prosecutor” — material about the activity of Kamchatka Environmental Office of Public Prosecutor.

№ 20(45)

“About Joint Activity of Low-Scaled Fleet and Shore Companies and Principles of Quotation of Low-Scaled Fleet for 2002 Fishing” — a report of Alexander Kamenev, chairman of Association of Fishing and Fish Processing Companies.

№ 22(47)

“Our Patience Has Exhausted” — an open letter to governor of Kamchatka region Mikhail Mashkovtsev.
“Who Doesn’t Keep Step?” — the results of fishing on Ozernaya river (Kamchatka region).

№ 23(48)

“Destroy and Rule” — it is the way the administration of Kamchatka region chose, and there is nothing good in fate of Kamchatka fishing industry.
“The Worse — the Better” — the article about how Kamchatka administration tries and ruins the largest fishing companies of the region.
“How we Meet Ships… ” — opinion of captain Grigory Golovotyuk regards treatment of fishermen of Kamchatka in general and to fishermen of “Akros” in particular.

№ 24(49)

“New Power Decided to “Sink” Fishermen to Enjoy Ripples in the Water” — about opposition of Kamchatka regional administration and famous fish industrialists of the peninsula.