Scientific Debates and Prognoses:

№ 1(26)

“Blue Backed Salmon of Kamchatka River”;
“Story about Salmon” — scientists speak about the problems of prognostication of salmon spawning.

№ 2(27)

“Pollock: Is There Any Future?” — Pollock has no future, and if has any, then rather bad.
“Story about Salmon”

№ 4(29)

“Story about Salmon” — continuation of talk about fishing prognosis of salmons (see №  1 & 2).

№ 10(35)

“Kronotsky Deadlock” — fantastic projects of Victor Bugayov and his teachers regards the rebirth of blue backed salmon of Kronotskoye lake in Kamchatka.

№ 18(43)

“To the History of Southern Kurils Pollack Conflict” — about the conflict between Russia and Japan arisen on the ground of fishing near Southern Kurils.

№ 21(46)

“In Interests of National Safety” — a report of Vyacheslav Zilanov at the Parliament Hearings in Yuzno-Sakhalinsk.