Expansion of Primorye and Moscow fishing oligarchs:

№ 4(29)

“Itís Important to Unite Now” — an interview with president of “Dalímoreproduct Holding” Yury Didenko.

№ 5(30)

“Nazdratenko: “for!” and “against!” — opinions about the new assignment of ex-governor of Primorye Eugeny Nazdratenko as a chairman of State Fisheries Committee of Russia.
“Dalímoreproduct: Two-Faced as Well” — the attempt to use the situation with auctions for lobbying the permission for “The American Monarch” fishing.

№ 12(37)

“They Who Live There. There Is System of Clan Power in Primorye” — opinion of “Expert”.
“Fully-Equipped” — the interview with deputy director of Special Marine Inspection of Kamchatka region regards poachers of Primorye.

№ 18(43)

“From Love to Hate — One Step, or Cofession of “Dalímoreproduct” made by director of “DMP-Trawlers” Alexander Bodakin”.

№ 26(51)

“Superdetective story about “Dalímoreproduct”, president Didenko, his best friends and friends of his best friends”.