If Keep within Law:

№ 1(26)

“About Changes and Additions Introduced in the Regulations of Fishing in Inland Waters of the Far East”.

№ 4(29)

“Resolution Based on the Results of Law Examination of the Matter of Breaking the Rights of Russian Fishing Communities, fishing organizations of Sakhalin, town- and village-making fishing farms of this region in connection with enactment №  1010 from December, 27th , 2000”

№ 6(31)

“Red Fishing”- how an ordinary person is able or not to get the limits for fishing, having visited different regional and federal departments.

№ 7(32)

“Laugh or Cry” — an example of only one fishing company, which became bankrupt because of loss of its constitutional rights for fishing resources…

№ 12(37)

“Fish and Power” — what power wants from fish.

№ 15(40)

“Poachers” — about dying out of coastal water areas. And the cause is not pollution at all, but illegal fishing out of trepang.

№ 16(41)

“Petropavlovsk” — “Galina” — a publication about Kamchatka trawler “Petropavlovsk”, arrested by American frontier guards in the Bering sea for illegal crossing of the USA state frontier.
“Poaching: Problems and Solutions” — material of Alexander Nikolaev about how inspectors of Kamchatrybvod fight against poaching.

№ 17(42)

“Terror Against Russian Sailors” — a selection of materials about the fate of trawler “Petropavlovsk”, arrested by Americans and also about the situation with tanker “Virgo”.
“Illegal Operations with Crab” — material about illegal export of crab.

№ 18(43)

“Illegal Operations with Crab” — continuation of the material about illegal export of crab (see №  17).

№ 19(44)

“Welfare of People — Higher Law” — the overview of fishing on the northern coast of Kamchatka.

№ 20(45)

“Frontier Shade for Poachers” — correspondent of “Vesti” Igor Kravchuk opens sensational details from the history of sunk boat “Albatros -101”.

№ 24(49)

“Moscow Tales of Primorye Tale-Teller” — the analysis of interview with chairman of Goskomrybolovstvo Eugeny Nazdratenko.

№ 25(50)

“Document of Special Importance” — the new regulations about the distribution of quotas for catching water bioresources in inland marine waters, in territorial sea, in the exclusive economic zone and on continental shelf of Russian Federation.