How Goskomrybolovstvo of Russian Federation
Ruins Fishing Industry:

№ 2(27)

“Who Ruins Fishing Industry of Russia: Goskomrybolovstvo or Cabinet of Ministers?” — thoughts aloud about anti-national essence of Goskomrybolovstvo of Russia;
“Goskomrybolovstvo: Words and Deeds” — the matter is if we can trust first leaders of Goskomrybolovstvo;
“If Leaders Donít Want to Listen” — it is the reason that things, created by “lower classes” during the decades, are being destroyed now.

№ 3(28)

“Itís Really a Clique of Somebody — “National Fish Resources” which sells quotas to foreigners cheaper than to its own compatriots.
“Theatre of Absurdity, or How Easy We Are Framed Up” — a topical interview with Valery Vorobyov, general director of “Akros”, the biggest fishing company of Kamchatka.

№ 8(33)

“Nazdratenkoís Joke. Head of Goskomrybolovstvo Ordered Pollock Not to Spawn” — “Moscow News” about prolonging the terms of Okhotsk pollock fishery by the chairman of Goskomrybolovstvo in the period of active spawning of pollock and catastrophic decline of this population stocks.

№ 10(35)

“Nazdratenkoís Joke”. — continuation of the theme (see №  8) about prolonging the terms of Okhotsk pollock fishery.

№ 11(36)

“Laws Arenít Meant for Them” — about the grossest violations of legislation during the dismissal of the head of Kamchatrybvod Vladimir Rezvanov.

№ 25(50)

“They Wrote It Well, but Forgot about … Ravines” — an essay about the expediency of withdrawal of Russian large-scale fleet into World Ocean.
“Valery Vorobyov: They Want to Clear the Way for Structures of Moscow & Primorye” — an interview with general director of Akros fishing company Valery Vorobyov about the opposition of Akros Ltd. and Kamchatka regional administration.

№ 26(51)

“Crab Fraud, or Marked Cards in “Grefís Casino” and in Fishing Department of Nazdratenko” — Officials declared that it would be taken a third of total allowable catch of crabs in 2002 in the Sea of Okhotsk and in the Bering Sea. But in fact…