Fee for Right to Fish:

№ 1(26)

“Auctions Break Our Rights” — coming back to the materials of Extraordinary Conference of Fishermen of the Far East (see “TV” for 2000, № 25).
“Decree of Russian Government from December, 17th , 2000 № 1010 “About quotas for commercial fishing (catch) of water biological resources of inland marine waters, territorial sea, continental shelf and the exclusive economic zone of Russian Federation” — the decree on fish auctions, sentenced to death fishing industry of Russia.

№ 2(27)

“Auctions: Moscow is “FOR!”… But Far East is “AGAINST”.
“Appeal to Constitutional Court of RF” — one of the attempts to call the attention of Russian Government to the problems of fishing industry.

№ 3(28)

“Annul Enactment №  1010!” — an appeal of Council of Federation of Russia to the president of Russia with the request to annul the enactment of government about fish auctions.
“Moscow doesnít Trust Fishermen” — a reporting from the public forum gathered apropos of auctions.

№ 4(29)

“Far-Easterns are Threatened by Gref”
“Auctions Lead to Rise in Fish Products Prices, Resources Escape Abroad and Russian Fishermen Poverty” — an interview with Vladimir Gorshechnikov, president of The Far-Eastern Fishermen Association.
“Auction Botch” — about the first auctions of selling the right to fish. Different opinions.
“Appeal of Fishing Companies of the Far-East to Chairman of Russian Government Mikhail Kasyanov” — there are 18 signatures of leaders of the biggest fishing companies of the Far-East on it. The main point is the damage auctions bring to fishing industry of the country.

№ 6(31)

“Government Reserved Its Own Opinion, Fishermen and Governors — Theirs… ” — at the meeting with Russian Government regards auctions there was only … one professional fisherman — president of The Far-Eastern Fishermen Association Vladimir Gorshechnikov.
“…A Fig for You!” — Such a conclusion Far-Eastern governors made after the meeting with Russian Government apropos of auctions.
“Yabloko” Declares About Fish Split in Duma” — about how peopleís deputies seconded governmental fish auctions.

№ 7(32)

“They Sell Right to Poach at the Auctions!” — an interview with president of The Far-Eastern Fishermen Association Vladimir Gorshechnikov.
“Moscow Celebrates. Ivan Matyorov, “Itís Very Good for the Beginning of Process” — Deputy Minister of Economic Development thinks that fishing auctions are very good for Russia.

№ 9(34)

“Laugh or Cry”- the article continues the theme of bankruptcy as a result of introduction of fishing auctions.

№ 10(35)

“Sell Fish in Water Is Arguable” — from the interview with chairman of Goskomrybolovstvo Eugeny Nazdratenko to “Fishing Business of North-West”.

№ 11(36)

“How Do We Live Further? Quota Auctions Kill Fishing Industry” — “Izvestia” newspaper talks with general director of “Fish Rein” fishing company of Kamchatka Sergey Kravchenko.

№ 12(37)

“Auctions Are Bad for Economics, Wrong for Policy” — the opinion of a veteran of fishing industry captain-director of “The Ostrov Sakhalin” A. Arbuzov.

№ 14(39)

“Kamchatka Companies Could Buy Crab Even Cheaper, If Their Own Had Not Played “Bulls” — crab auction was held on the 15th of June.

№ 15(40)

“If I Knew I Won… ” — we return to the passed crab auctions again. Chairman of Lenin Kolhoz Vladimir Drachyov presents point of view of his.

№ 17(42)

“Defects of Auctions” — the opinion of State Fisheries Committee regards fishing auctions.

№ 22(47)

“Auctions Cause Corruption” — an interview with vice-chairman of the Coordinating council of Russian fishermen Vyacheslav Zilanov.

№ 23(48)

“Auctions Are Self-Liquidated” — thinks Minister of Economic Development and Trade German Gref.
“Rent Payments in Fishery” — the authors explain the mechanism of rent relationships in fishing industry of Russia.

№ 26(51)

“Fishing Auctions” — Closed auctions in sale of commercial quotas for catch of pollock, herring, cod and northern shrimp will be held on the 11th and 14th of January.