№ 10, June, 1nd, 2000

State and Fishing Industry:
“Vice-governor of Kamchatka Sergey Timoshenko: One Fisherman of Kamchatka Gives Work to Eleven Citizens of Peninsula” — the interview about the problems of Kamchatka fishing industry, the main and only industry of the peninsula, break-up of which may cause a catastrophe for hundred thousands citizens of Kamchatka region.
How Goskomrybolovstvo of Russian Federation Ruins Fishing Industry:
“Letís Discuss” — order № 118 from 18.04.00 of Goskomrybolovstvo chairman Yury Sinelnik obliged Russian fishermen to join All-Russian Association of Fishing Companies and Exporters (VARPE), which heads ex-minister of fisheries of USSR Vladimir Kamentsev. The speech, of course, is not about the membership, but fee…
Fishing Mob:
“Shadows above VBTRF” — next change of power or redivision of undivided in the Vladivostok base of trawl and refrigerate fleet (VBTRF) based on the materials of “Vladivostok News”.
“Our Most Important Eagle Spreads Wings” — appeal of speaker of the Council of Federation Egor Stroev to president of Russia Vladimir Putin about the creation of “fishing” Association of economic interaction of Central Chernozem region of Russia — “Chernozemye”, giving it fishing limits and together with “VBTRF” in the process of bankruptcy. Opinion of the Far-Eastern fishermen about it.
Expansion of Primorye fishing oligarchs:
“How Yury Grigoryevich quarelled with Victor Ivanovich” — pre-history and history of love and hate of ex-mayor of Vladivostok Victor Cherepkov and president of Dalímoreproduct Holding Company Yury Didenko, or how Dalímoreproduct was not hardly “brought to the hammer”.
If Keep within Law:
“Fish Graveyards of Fishing-2000. To Be or Not to Be?” — coastal companies of Kamchatka during salmon fishing of 2000 failed to make big catches. Sea stationary seines, on the contrary, took a lot. What does such a strategy of Kamchatka administration and Kamchatrybvod may lead to? Or should we wait for fishing-2002 to answer this question?