№ 11, June, 15th, 2000

State and Fishing Industry:
“Valentina Bronevich, Governor of Koryak Autonomous Area: No Matter How Hard It Might Be, I Am Sure In Future of My Land and My People” — the interview about the problems of surviving of Koryak villages owing to fish, caught on the Koryak shelf.
“Appeal of Council of Association of Fishermen of Far East (AFFE) to Associations, Councils, Societies of Russian Fishermen” — about the negative points of law “About fishing and protection of water biological resources” discussed in the State Duma.
“Wake Up, Trade Union!” — publication of “Zavtra” (“Tomorrow”) (Moscow) about inadmissibility of passing a new law about labour by the State Duma.
How Goskomrybolovstvo of Russian Federation Ruins Fishing Industry:
“We Give Alarm: Japanese will Catch Ust-Kamchatka Bluebacked Salmon in Komandorsky Reserve” — Goskomrybolovstvo concluded a treaty with Japanese fishermen on drift-net fishery of bluebacked salmon in the zone of the Komandorsky State Reserve.
“Rich Fish-Soup of the Okhotsk Sea” — editor-in-chief of “Rybak Primorya” N. Bratchikov analyses the activity of Goskomrybolovstvo of Russia concerning the break-up of fishing industry.
If Keep within Law:
“Kamchatka Lost Money, or “poor” in Logic” — continuation of the talk about the confiscation of catches.