№ 12, June, 29th, 2000

How Goskomrybolovstvo of Russian Federation Ruins Fishing Industry:
“Who cares of fisherman’s future?” — the complaint to “Tikhookeansky vestnik” about the discussion of order № 118 of Goskomrybolovstvo concerning the forced membership in VARPE (see № 10 of “TV”).
“Novaya Gazeta” (“New Newspaper”) against Yury Sinelnik” — sensational facts about the activity of Yury Sinelnik as chairman of Goskomrybolovstvo.
“Fish — to Japan, Damage — to Russia” — Greenpeace investigation of Japanese drift-net fishery.
State and Fishing Industry:
“Disproportional Export” — an interview with president of VARPE Kamentsev about the problems of export of fish products from Russia and the role of All-Russian Association of Fishing Companies and Exporters (VARPE) in this activity.
Fishing Mob:
“Secrets of Primorye” — the analysis of Primorye newspapers on the subject of break-up and bankruptcy of the biggest fishing companies of the country — “Vostoktransflot” and the Vladivostok base of trawl and refrigerate fleet (VBTRF) and what role played governor of Primorye Eugeny Nazdratenko in these processes.
If Keep within Law:
“But Crab Has Its Claws Fan-Shaped” — Olga Novak (“Tikhookeanskaya zvezda”, Khabarovsk) writes about the export of Russian raw fish.