№ 13, July, 13th, 2000

Fishing Mob:
“VTF — Island of Wrecked Ships” — newspaper of Primorye “Arsen’evskie vesti” tells about the fate of “Vostoktransflot”.
Historical Pages:
“Fishing Ivashka” — the history of one of the oldest fishing kolkhozes of Kamchatka — artel in favour of Bekerev which is 70 years old.
Expansion of Primorye fishing oligarchs:
“White Negroes” and “Slaves of XX century” — publication of “Nezavisimaya gazeta” about true capitalist treatment to the fishermen in Dal’moreproduct by the shores of distant Angola.
If Keep within Law:
“Matter of State Importance” — the analysis of criminal situation on Sakhalin from the point of view of legislative lawlessness in the fishing industry.