№ 15, August, 10th, 2000

How Goskomrybolovstvo of Russian Federation Ruins Fishing Industry:
“Whom Does Fishermanís Fate Depend on?” — opinion of the Association of fishing companies of Primorye of the activity of VARPE and order № 118 of Goskomrybolovstvo.
“Russian Fisherman May Change Captain” — article of R. Sagdiev (“Izvestia”) adout Sinelnikís activity as chairman of Goskomrybolovstvo, his promises and actions.
State and Fishing Industry:
“Barin Comes, Barin Settles Our Dispute… ” — problems of the industry from the point of view of the first person of the state, based on conclusions made by assistants and councillors of the president.
“What They Want from Fishing Industry” — interview with chairman of Sakhalinrybakkolkhozsoyuz board E. Yarygin about the problems of survival of fishing artels.
“Only One I Appear on Road… ” — interview with deputy of the State Duma Valery Dorogin about state treatment of the fishing problems of the Far-East of Russia.
“Rebith of Kamchatka Shore” — the shore of Kamchatka is ruined, but there are companies trying to find their economic niche and survive, become stronger. The article runs about such fishing companies.
If Keep within Law:
“Donít Be Afraid of Man with Fountain-pen” — about from what, how and why the prices on fishing resources appear and how officials in Moscow and in the regions manipulate the matters of payment for the resources.