№ 19, October, 5th, 2000

Foreign Expansion:
“Stop Expansion of Foreign Fishermen” — statement of vice-governor of Primorye region A. Kuzich about if foreign fishing expansion in the Okhotsk and Bering seas continues, the volumes of fishing production of Primorye will curtail in 20–30%.
State and Fishing Industry:
“War for Resources” — “There is no state policy in fishing in the Far-East of Russia. There is no such a company in the Far-East which will be sure in its nearest future”.
“Branch of Permanent Reforming” — the analysis of fishing industry on pages of “Far East” magazine.
Sea of Discord — The Bering Sea:
“View of Western Ecologists to Problems of the Bering Sea” — continuation of the Russian-American Public Conference in the Bering Sea Problems.
Fishing Mob:
“How Orthodox Church Began to Catch Shrimps” — a publication of “Novie Izvestia” regards the use of different possibilities to get quotas for fishing the most expensive resources by fishing mob.
“Natural Calamity” — the overview of the Far-Eastern press regards criminal cases in fishing industry.