№ 2, February, 10th, 2000

Trawler Wars, or Fraud of XX Century:
“Fishing No Refusing” — a public inquiry to chairman of The State Fisheries Committee of Russia (Goskomrybolovstvo) Yury Sinelnik about giving out licences for pollack fishery in the Bering Sea by Spanish-built supertrawlers despite of the Fishery laws and the directions of a Goskomrybolovstvo chairman.
Fishing Mob:
“Most Criminal Branch” — publication by V. Saníko in “Nezavisimaya gazeta” (“Independent Newspaper”) (Moscow) about the economic recession in fisheries on the background of industrial upsurge and the reason of this occurence. The reason is criminalisation of fisheries.
Expansion of Primorye fishing oligarchs:
“Resource War in Two Fronts, or When There is No Accord Among Friends… ” — a public letter to the president of the fishing company “UTRF” (Kamchatka) about the necessity to unite the efforts of fishermen of the Far East against the expansion of Primorye fishing oligarchs;
“Mister Didenko Has Been Offended” — public inquiry of the Charitable Public Fund of Conserving the Bioresources of the Northern Pacific addressed to the fisheries committees and departments of the Far East and fishing companies about the expansion of foreign large-capacity fleet and Russian supertrawlers, the “American Monarch” included, answer of president of Dalímoreproduct Holding Company Yury Didenko and our commentary.
Foreign Expansion:
“Triangle of Shevardnadze” — analytical article prepared by “Vladivostok” newspaper about the reasons of appearance a controversial area of water in the Bering Sea and economic (juridical as well) consequences of existence of this controversial area for Russia and Russian fishermen.
“Southern Kurils” — article of Olga Novak (Khabarovsk) about the history of a territorial problem between Russia and Japan, political declarations of the both parts and economic consequences of any decision taken.
If Keep within Law:
“Russian Fisherman has Priority in Russia” — a research of Russian legislation about the priority right of Russian fishermen in Russia to get fishing quotas and how The State Committee of Fisheries of Russia breaks these primordial rights.