№ 21, November, 2nd, 2000

State and Fishing Industry:
“Deputies: Budget-2001 Can Not Meet Requirements of Water Bioresources Protection” — about the lack in the budget of fishing industry such an article as “capital building”.
How Goskomrybolovstvo of Russian Federation Ruins Fishing Industry:
“Officials are Intolerant to Fishermenís Opinion” — interview with president of the Far-Eastern Fishermen Association Vladimir Gorshechnikov regard real situation in the fishing industry and its headquarters — Goskomrybolovstvo.
Corrupt State Fishing Guard:
“Frontier Stealing” — publication in “Golden Horn” newspaper (Vladivostok) of confessions of one former official of the State Marine Inspection about the practice of covering up Russian poachers by The Federal frontier guards.
Expansion of Primorye fishing oligarchs:
“Chronic Patriotizm in Acute Condition” — publication of “Arsenyevskie vesti” about the role of governor of Primorye Eugeny Nazdratenko in the tragedy of “Vostoktransflot”.
“Fishermen of Dalímoreproductís Floating Fish-Factory Demand to Sell Vessel to Get Salary Debts” — the news from ITAR-TASS about how Dalímoreproduct left its fishermen in Namibia.
“Undeclared War” — criminal chronicle of Far-Eastern fishing.