№ 22, November, 16th, 2000

Fee for Right to Fish:
“Appeal of Far-Eastern Fishermen” — to president of Russia concerning introduction of fee for the right to fish and a threat of auctions in sale quotas for the catch of fishing resources.
State and Fishing Industry:
“Public Letter of Governor of Primorye Eugeny Nazdratenko to Chairman of Russian Government Mikhail Kasyanov” — regards fee for the right to fish which is ruinous for fishing industry of Russia.
“About Quotas, Salmon and New Government Intrigues” — about misunderstanding the role of fishing industry in the system of safeguarding of food security by the Russian government.
Foreign Expansion:
“Goskomrtbolovstvo Answers to Us on Instructions of President of Russia” — the official answer of the government about halting of foreign fishery in the Sea of Okhotsk from 2001.
“Kolkhoz in Favour of Leader of World Proletariat” — problems of rebirth of one of the biggest fishing kolkhozes of the Soviet Union — Kamchatka kolkhoz in favour of Vladimir Lenin.
Scientific Debates:
“How Myths Come” — opinion of doctor of biological sciences, professor, full member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences regards unprecedented approaches of reds to the western coast of Kamchatka.
“On Scale of Commercial Fishing” — poaching in the Far-East scaled up to commercial fishing.