№ 24, December, 14th, 2000

State and Fishing Industry:
“Appeal to Your Conscience and Mind” — public letter of the Far-Eastern fishermen to the president and government of Russia about the condition of Far-Eastern fishing industry and those negative consequences which will be connected with the introduction of fee for the resources and quotas sold in water by auctions.
Sea of Discord — The Bering Sea:
“Global Region” — materials of WWF concerning the problems of conserving the Bering sea biodiversity.
“I Try to Keep My Word” — how one of the oldest fishing companies of Kamchatka — fishing artel in favour of Bekerev — managed to hold on in the competitive fight and win. The story of chairman of the artel Alexander Tkachenko.
Fee for Right to Fish:
“Far-East Against Auctions” — a selection of publications of Far-Eastern newspapers regards the introduction of unprecedented auctions of quotas sold in water. In fact itís a sale of the right for existence of the fishermen themselves.
“Everything Just Begins” — about the joint project of Kamchatrybvod and WWF about satellite control for fishing activity of Russian fishermen.
If Keep within Law:
“In Light of Fight with Corruption” — the analysis of criminal situation in Fishing industry of Kamchatka made by public prosecutor of Kamchatka region A. Voitovich.