№ 25, December, 28th, 2000

State and Fishing Industry:
“Extraordinary Conference of Fishermen of Far-East” — “Make a protest against state policy deliberately aimed to economic blockade of Russian fisheries complex, fishermen of the Far-Eastern region, presented seven regions of Russian Federation, warn state officials of this fatal course being continued… ” (from the resolution of the extraordinary conference).
“Itís a Pity There Is No Fisherman in Duma” — report of general director of “Dalíryba” Yury Moskaltsov made on the extraordinary conference of fish manufactures of the Far-East.
Oil and Sea:
“Appeal to Fishermen of the Sea of Okhotsk” made by “Ecological watch of Sakhalin” — about inadmissibility of sea pollution by the wastes of bore solutions.
Foreign Expansion:
“Letís Save Integrity of Russia” — public letter of fishermen to president of Russia Vladimir Putin about inadmissibility to lose Southern Kurils.
“Challenge to Competition, or What Fishing Manufactures Enter Third Millennium with” — interview with president of “Polluks” fishing company Vasily Polukarov about the history of company foundation and competitive fight on the fishing market and during fishery.
Sea of Discord — The Bering Sea:
“Sharing in the Northern Pacific Region” — Tero Mustonen (Finland) reasons about the problems of conserving bioresources of the Bering sea.
“Poaching Days” — criminal chronicle of Far-Eastern fishing.