№ 3, February, 24th, 2000

Trawler Wars, or Fraud of XX Century:
“Demand for order”and Fishery Should Be Suspended — the wires of fishermen from a pollack expedition in the sea of Okhotsk with a demand to forbid fishery in the sea to Spanish-built supertrawlers, fishing out the last remains of the Okhotsk sea pollack; and answer of The State Committee of Fisheries concerning suspending of fishery of Spanish-built supertrawlers up to the settling a matter with the Ministry of Finances and External Economic Bank regards the repayment of money from the fishery activity to the Russian budget.
Expansion of Primorye fishing oligarchs:
“He who Pays Dances with Girl...” — a public letter of president of Primorye Fishing Companiesí Association Andrey Platonov to “Tikhookeansky vestnik” regards a resource war in the Far-Eastern seas and the “TV” commentary — we fight not with fishermen of Primorye, but with Primorye fishing oligarchs like Yury Didenko, president of Dalímoreproduct Holding Company.
Mister Didenko thinks, “Tikhookeansky vestnik” is bought by Super Ltd. (They Throw Sand in Primorye Fishermenís Propellers) — article of Oleg Klimenko (“Golden Horn”, Vladivostok) — according to order of The State Committee of Fisheries from February, 1, 2000 the fishery of Spanish-built supertrawlers is forbidden. The President of Dalímoreproduct Holding Company gives his comments on The State Committee of Fisheries actions...
“Kamchatka Fishermen Speak” — Articles of general directors of fishing companies “Okeanrybflot” Valery Topchiy and “Kamchatrybprom” Vladimir Potapenko regards foreign fleet expansion and expansion of “Dalímoreproduct-Trawlers” fleet;
“Regional Princes Became Stupid” — article of “Vladivostok”, Governor of Primorye newspaper, regards the Far-Eastern governors appeal to the vice-premier about illegal encroachments of the Governor of Primorye and Primorye fishing oligarchs on the fishing quotas and their distribution according to the new rules of Primorye.
Foreign Expansion:
“Fishing War in Southern Kurils” — publication of “Free Sakhalin” about how Russian fishermen put obstacles in the fishery of Japanese fishermen in the territorial waters of Russia.
Fishing Mob:
“VBTRF: Hope for Arbitration Wisdom” — interview of A. Tomilina (“Vladivostok News”) with competitive manager K. Nabiev about fate of Vladivostok base of trawl and refrigerate fleet (VBTRF) that was declared a bankrupt. There are figures of damage, caused by former president of VBTRF N. Nikitenko and still causing by his son — president of Folkland Investments Ltd., where the main means and the best ships of VBTRF were passed to.
If Keep within Law:
“Well-Grounded — Does Not Mean Legally” — a critical analysis of daily norms of catches, prescribed for the ships of different types by the State Committee of Fisheries of Russia in accordance with the appendix to order № 6 from 2000, January, 13 and the ships of Dalímoreproduct Holding Company as an example.