№ 4, March, 9th, 2000

Fee for Right to Fish:
“Collective Letter to Mr. Putin” — public letter of the Kamchatka fishermen association representatives to president of Russia Vladimir Putin concerning ruinousness of pay for the fishing resources for the Far-Eastern fishermen.
Fishing Mob:
“Way “Magellan” goes” — article of T. Orekhova in official newspaper of Primorye “Vladivostok News” about criminal activity of “Magellan” fishing company, the director general of which has clashed with the officials of Primorye.
“Kamchatka Protests”, “Fishermen of Primorye Ask for Freedom” — press of Kamchatka and Primorye about the fate of Kamchatka ships the “Saint Peter”, the “Saint Paul”, the “Elizovo” and the “Krutogorovo”, which were seized by the Japanese company “Shoio Suisan” (“Poseidon”, a company of Primorye, is behind it).
“Fall of “Vostoktransflot” — an analytical selection of information about the reasons of disorganization and the present days of “Vostokrybholodflot” fishing company, the ships of which were sold very cheap (from $1 to $100 per ship) not without help of officials.
“Public Prosecutor of Primorye brought into Pervomaysky district court appeal to recover damage on rate of 140 million 583 thousand 263 rubles 36 copecks from ex-president of “BTRF”” — official news of the official newspaper of Primorye “Vladivostok”.
Expansion of Primorye fishing oligarchs:
“Supertrawlers are permitted to fish. For a how long?” — news of “Golden Horn” (Primorye) regards that “Dalímoreproduct-Trawlers” got the license for fishery in the Sea of Okhotsk to 14 Spanish-built supertrawlers without paying its budget debts.
“Change Your Mind, It Isnít Late Yet” — publication of a regional fishing newspaper “Rybak Primorya” (“Fisherman of Primorye”), supporting the ambitions of fishing oligarchs concerning the distribution of the Far-Eastern fishing resources with obvious priority of Primorye.
How Goskomrybolovstvo of Russian Federation Ruins Fishing Industry:
“Fisherman Against Fisherman” — article of “Rybak Primorya” and commentary of “Tikhookeansky vestnik” regards the indignation of fishermen with order № 6 of Goskomrybolovstvo about the introduction of changes and additions to the Fisheries laws, failing to take into account the objective reality of fisheries.
“Ship-Repairing of Distant Russia — Decline or Perspective” — a problematic article about the condition of ship-repairing as the most important branch of the Far-Eastern national economy.