№ 1(26), January, 11th, 2001

State and Fishing Industry:
“Who Betrayed Russian Fishermen” — appeal of editorial and publishing council of Northern Pacific magazine and Tikhookeansky vestnik newspaper to Russian fishermen with a proposal to bring an action against The State Fisheries Committee of Russian Federation (Goskomrybolovstvo), so long as it breaks constitutional rights of Russian fishermen to have the priority in quotas distribution to foreigners.
Foreign Expansion
“Southern Koreans Blackmail Us”;
“Poles Donít Want to Pay for Resources”;
“And Americans Threaten”;
“Will Russia Stand Up for Its Fisherman?”
Nuclear Wastes to Russia:
“Ecologists! Stop Madness!”
Fishing Mob:
“Great Game. VBTRF — on Roulette” — this company, exactly those fragments left from it, is still popular…
Scientific Debates and Prognoses:
“Blue Backed Salmon of Kamchatka River”;
“Story about Salmon” — scientists speak about the problems of prognostication of salmon spawning.
Fee for Right to Fish:
“Auctions Break Our Rights” — coming back to the materials of Extraordinary Conference of Fishermen of the Far East (see “TV” for 2000, № 25).
“Decree of Russian Government from December, 17th , 2000 № 1010 “About quotas for commercial fishing (catch) of water biological resources of inland marine waters, territorial sea, continental shelf and the exclusive economic zone of Russian Federation” — the decree on fish auctions, sentenced to death fishing industry of Russia.
If Keep Within Law:
“About Changes and Additions Introduced in the Regulations of Fishing in Inland Waters of the Far East”.