№  12(37), June, 14th, 2001

State and Fishing Industry:
Eugeny Nazdratenko: “Idea of Fishing in Russia Will Be Revised!”
Fee for Right to Fish:
“Auctions Are Bad for Economics, Wrong for Policy” — the opinion of a veteran of fishing industry captain-director of “The Ostrov Sakhalin” A. Arbuzov.
Expansion of Primorye and Moscow fishing oligarchs:
“They Who Live There. There Is System of Clan Power in Primorye” — opinion of “Expert”.
“Fully-Equipped” — the interview with deputy director of Special Marine Inspection of Kamchatka region regards poachers of Primorye.
Administrative Resources of Regions:
“Mosquito” Fleet: Complex of Problems” — problems of development of Kamchatka shore (continuation).
If Keep Within Law:
“Fish and Power” — what power wants from fish.