№  20(45), October, 4th, 2001

State and Fishing Industry:
“From Ruinous Auctions to Reconstruction of Marine Fishing of Russia” — theses of a report of vice-chairman of the Coordinating council of Russian fishermen Vyacheslav Zilanov on the Board of Goskomrybolovstvo.
“Does Russia Cares of Fishing Industry?” — the article of correspondent of “Rybak Primorya” Boris Kornash about economic aspects of fishing industry development in the Far East.
If Keep Within Law:
“Frontier Shade for Poachers” — correspondent of “Vesti” Igor Kravchuk opens sensational details from the history of sunk boat “Albatros -101”.
Kamchatrybvod and “Northern Pacific”:
“Independent Public Expertise of Activity of “Northern Pacific” Media-Complex”.
Administrative Resources of Regions:
“About Joint Activity of Low-Scaled Fleet and Shore Companies and Principles of Quotation of Low-Scaled Fleet for 2002 Fishing” — a report of Alexander Kamenev, chairman of Association of Fishing and Fish Processing Companies.