№  21(46), October, 18th, 2001

Scientific Debates and Prognoses:
“In Interests of National Safety” — a report of Vyacheslav Zilanov at the Parliament Hearings in Yuzno-Sakhalinsk.
“Japans Eat Endangered Whales” — material of “Sakhalin Environment Watch” regards illegal whaling of Japan.
Kamchatrybvod and “Northern Pacific”:
“Independent Public Expertise of Activity of “Northern Pacific” Media-Complex”.
“Curiosity Isnít a Vice” — answer of president of Northern Pacific fund Sergey Vakhrin to former director of Kamchatrybvod Vladimir Burkanov, today working in the USA.
“Truth and Lies of Vyacheslav Skalatsky, or Whether You Can Always Trust Vice-Governor” — answer to publications of “Kamchatskoye vremya” about the conflict of Northern Pacific fund with Kamchatrybvod and the administration of Kamchatka region.