№  22(47), November, 1st, 2001

Administrative Resources of Regions:
“Our Patience Has Exhausted” — an open letter to governor of Kamchatka region Mikhail Mashkovtsev.
“Who Doesn’t Keep Step?” — the results of fishing on Ozernaya river (Kamchatka region).
Fee for Right to Fish:
“Auctions Cause Corruption” — an interview with vice-chairman of the Coordinating council of Russian fishermen Vyacheslav Zilanov.
State and Fishing Industry:
“Eh, Tails and Scales” — “Ezhednevnye novosti” newspaper writes about a new idea of development of Russian fishing.
“Manna from Heaven for Vladimir Burkanov, or… ” — curious facts of activity of Kamchatrybvod and its director Vladimir Burkanov in 1995.
“Chronicle of One Crime” — materials concerning large-scaled commercial poaching in one of closed areas of the Sea of Okhotsk.