№  24(49), November, 29th, 2001

State and Fishing Industry:
“Fishing Illegality. Whom Is It Profitable?” — an interview with vice-chairman of the Coordinating council of Russian fishermen Vyacheslav Zilanov.
“Fishermenís Pitchfork” — results of the Far-Eastern scientific fishing council. The title of the article means that fishermen has run into three-horned pitchfork: one horn — fleetís aging, another — taxes, the third — German Gref with his auctions.
Administrative Resources of Regions:
“New Power Decided to “Sink” Fishermen to Enjoy Ripples in the Water” — about opposition of Kamchatka regional administration and famous fish industrialists of the peninsula.
If Keep Within Law:
“Moscow Tales of Primorye Tale-Teller” — the analysis of interview with chairman of Goskomrybolovstvo Eugeny Nazdratenko.