№  25(50), December, 13th, 2001

State and Fishing Industry:
“Pollock — Emigrant” — material of “Dumskaya Panorama” bulletin of State Duma press-service concerning the discussion in State Duma the problems of fishing industry of Russia, i.e. auctions, disproportion of fleets, fishing legislation, etc.
Oil and Sea:
“Oil or Fish? This Call Like a Song for Us” — continuation of the topic of oil extraction on Sakhalin shelf. The author of the article — Andrey Samatov, candidate of biological science, SakhNIRO.
“Goskomrybolovstvo of RF Speaks in Support of Strict Ecological Control of Extractions on Russian Shelf” — material of Goskomrybolovstvo Board meeting, devoted to the problems of protection of fishing interests of Russia in view of oil & gas expansion.
How Goskomrybolovstvo of Russian Federation Ruins Fishing Industry:
“They Wrote It Well, but Forgot about … Ravines” — an essay about the expediency of withdrawal of Russian large-scale fleet into World Ocean.
“Valery Vorobyov: They Want to Clear the Way for Structures of Moscow & Primorye” — an interview with general director of Akros fishing company Valery Vorobyov about the opposition of Akros Ltd. and Kamchatka regional administration.
If Keep Within Law:
“Document of Special Importance” — the new regulations about the distribution of quotas for catching water bioresources in inland marine waters, in territorial sea, in the exclusive economic zone and on continental shelf of Russian Federation.