№  4(29), February, 22nd, 2001

Fee for Right to Fish:
“Far-Easterns are Threatened by Gref”
“Auctions Lead to Rise in Fish Products Prices, Resources Escape Abroad and Russian Fishermen Poverty” — an interview with Vladimir Gorshechnikov, president of The Far-Eastern Fishermen Association.
“Auction Botch” — about the first auctions of selling the right to fish. Different opinions.
“Appeal of Fishing Companies of the Far-East to Chairman of Russian Government Mikhail Kasyanov” — there are 18 signatures of leaders of the biggest fishing companies of the Far-East on it. The main point is the damage auctions bring to fishing industry of the country.
Expansion of Primorye and Moscow fishing oligarchs:
“Itís Important to Unite Now” — an interview with president of “Dalímoreproduct Holding” Yury Didenko.
Scientific Debates and Prognoses:
“Story about Salmon” — continuation of talk about fishing prognosis of salmons (see №  1 & 2).
If Keep Within Law:
“Resolution Based on the Results of Law Examination of the Matter of Breaking the Rights of Russian Fishing Communities, fishing organizations of Sakhalin, town- and village-making fishing farms of this region in connection with enactment №  1010 from December, 27th , 2000”
Sea of Discord — the Bering Sea:
“Bering Sea Depression” — continuation.