№  5(30), March, 7th, 2001

Expansion of Primorye and Moscow fishing oligarchs:
“Nazdratenko: “for!” and “against!” — opinions about the new assignment of ex-governor of Primorye Eugeny Nazdratenko as a chairman of State Fisheries Committee of Russia.
“Dalímoreproduct: Two-Faced as Well” — the attempt to use the situation with auctions for lobbying the permission for “The American Monarch” fishing.
Trawler Wars, or Fraud of XX Century:
“Theyíve Finished Sailing Badly” — a publication from “Expert” about the history of a fraud of building in Spain and exploitation of a squadron of supertrawlers in the exclusive economic zone. These trawlers became property of Greek barons Laskaridises.
State and Fishing Industry:
“About Quota Auctions, and not Only About Them: View of Environmental Organization” — the opinion of coordinator of Marine programs of WWF Vassily Spiridonov about the complex of problems in fishing industry of Russia.
Corrupt Fishing Guard:
“They Defended Fatherland, Didnít They?” — about shooting down of a fishing boat by Russian frontier guards.
“Poaching Under Cover-Up. Ministers of Armed and Police Forces Canít Manage Protection of Bioresources” — a publication of reporter of “Novye Izvestiya” Eugeny Komarov about how Federal frontier guard service of Russia covers poachers in the Far-East.
Sea of Discord — the Bering Sea:
“Bering Sea Depression” — finishing.