№  3(54), February, 7th, 2002

Kamchatka Is Given Up:
“The State Fisheries Committee is going to shower Kamchatka with “sea beef” — Igor Kravchuk, a reporter of “Vesti”, discusses the problem of referendum in fish industry problems with president of Northern Pacific Fund Sergey Vakhrin.
Administrative Resources of Regions:
“About “Sea Beef”, Electricity and Food for Gourmets” — continuation of the talk about the problem of quotas distribution between Far-Eastern regions. Quotas for cod fishing in 2001 and 2002.
Trawler Wars, or Fraud of XX Century:
“Ominous Shadow of “The Monarch” — about that two supertrawlers from blue Spain squadron soon acquire the right of residence in Kamchatka.
State and Fishing Industry:
“Situation in Fishing Industry of Kamchatka is Critical” — an appeal of The Council of People’s Deputies of Kamchatka region to president of Russia Vladimir Putin.
XXI Century: Critirea, Appraisals, Scales:
“Live on Principle: “Unite and Thrive!” — an interview with a leader of All-Russian Conceptual Party “Edinenie” (“Unity”) Konstantin Petrov about the goals and objects of the party, and also about the “Dead Water” conception.
If Keep Within Law:
“First Acquaintance with New ADC” — chapters of a new Administrative Delinquencies Code, concerning rights of fishing guard bodies.