№  5(56), March, 7th, 2001

Kamchatka Is Given Up:
“Kamchatka is Given Up” — Kamchatka is “the edge” of that economic crisis fish industry of Russia has fallen in, due to German Gref’s fraud — fish auctions.
Administrative Resources of Regions:
“Look What Is Going On!” — fishing resources of Kamchatka river are quickly reduced.
Trawler Wars, or Fraud of XX Century:
“Ideal Dream of “Blues” — continuation of the theme of “blue” supertrawlers.
Scientific Debates and Prognoses:
“Problem of Southern Kurils in the Light of Conception of Russian Federation National Safety” — the author of the article V. Mitrokhin thinks that there is no “Kurils problem” at all. There is a problem of claims of Japan on Russian territory, based on unscrupulousness of the Japanese department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia.
“Non-Targeted Species: Is It Real to Exploit Their Stocks Now?” — the opinion of Aleksei Tokranov, reseach worker of Kamchatka Institute of Ecology and Environment.
If Keep Within Law:
“Bering Sea Depression” — finishing.